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This is love

I giggle as he squeezes the freezing cold lotion onto my back. I flinch and gasp, and he laughs and tortures me for a little longer, squirting more and more of the cream onto my naked skin. He’s feeling cheeky, and is finding it highly amusing to dot tiny cold splodges on splattered parts of my flesh. I flinch with every new addition. I want to tell him to hurry with the massage, but after all I’m getting a free massage from my baby, so the least I can do is let him have his silly fun with the lotion. At last he places his warm palms onto my back, and begins to press down whilst slippery and passionately dragging his hands up and down and left and right. I relax, this feels beautiful. My skin rolls delightfully with every movement, and my stressful week vanishes and is replaced with lust and adoration. He always finds a way of making everything better. I feel him tug at my underwear and I quickly whip them down to my knees as he finishes by removing them over my feet and throws them over his shoulder and onto the floor. I lay back down on my tummy, and he drags the heaps of lotion down my bum cheeks and onto my thighs where he begins a sexy and spectacular massage on my more fragile and sensitive areas. “I love your bum” he says quietly, and plants a too delicate kiss on my bum cheek. Wow. He runs his hand from the back of my knee, right up to my lower back. Painfully slowly. As he does, his hand secretly rubs inside my thighs, dangerously close to my most intimate part. Brushes lightly against it, then returns to my back. It’s so arousing that it hurts. Every time he does so, I flinch just like before. But this time, he’s making me hot, not cold. He wraps his forearm under my tummy, and tugs up so I am now in front of him on my hands and knees. It seems like an awful long time alone when he lets go and fumbles around the room. When he returns, he rubs his naked erection against the inside of my thighs, and moans with pleasure. I mirror his moan, as he very gently touches my clit. Ah! He continues his now erotic massage, by reaching up my back and rolling my shoulders in his hands, at the same time rubbing his cock up and down inside my legs. Fuck, I want him so much. Before I can come to terms with what is happening, he slips inside of me and it’s only now that I realise how wet I’ve become, and how rock hard he is for me. I cry out, and the feeling is unimaginable. I feel tight, and he feels huge. I feel his tummy pressing against my back as he grinds against me. He gently tilts my chin up to his face and kisses me lustfully. I moan into his mouth, gnawing lightly at the stubble upon his chin. His scent is intoxicating! He moves me so I’m laying on my back now, and he stands on the floor beside the bed. He drags me by my ankles in the air so I am very close to the edge of the bed. He looks stunning; his hair delightfully messed up, his dimples heavily shadowed as he smiles cheekily in this luminous light, his chest so manly and shapely, the hairs planted on every visible part. That’s my favourite place. I grip hard onto the bed sheets as he enters me again - this angle feels too good to be true. And I can look into his eyes whilst I feel his pleasure! Mmmm how erotic. I see the pleasure in his eyes, and I feel my eyes roll back into my head, as I throw my neck back. Letting go of the bed sheets, I reach up and entangle my fingers in his chest hair. He gasps. I open my eyes at last as I begin to explode around his beautiful body. I grab desperately at the bed again, and he leans forward to kiss very slightly my nipples as I cum. I feel him tense and at last has his release. I stand immediately and hold tightly onto him, pressing my flushed face into his chest. He squeezes me into his body, and I close my eyes to take in his scent. This is love.


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