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What To Do When He Ejaculates During A Handjob

A handjob will hopefully end in your lover ejaculating – but what do you do with his semen? Here’s how to handle it when your man has an orgasm during a handjob.

You’ve made it through the hard part – getting your partner up to the point where an orgasm is imminent. Here, you can do a couple things. You can relinquish your partner’s penis back to him and allow him to finish the job. Some couples will choose to let the man finish himself off while she concentrates on his testicles and perineum. If you are an oral sort of gal, men LOVE to have their balls licked and sucked as they masturbate.

Take Him Through The Orgasm

A more popular approach is to help your partner through his ejaculation by performing his favorite strokes and continuing to give him pleasure through his entire orgasm. Don’t make the mistake of stopping the handjob as soon as he begins to ejaculate. Continue your strokes until he begins to pull away. Most men “squirt” out close to ten times when they are having an orgasm. A few significant squirts followed by some very minor ones.

Think about it as an earthquake with a few aftershocks. The euphoric feelings that accompany the ejaculation might last a couple of seconds up to 30 seconds or more. The more you stroke, the longer he’ll come. Don’t cheat him out of any of those precious seconds.

Where Does The Semen Go?

Most of the time, women will let their partner’s ejaculate on their hands. You can keep one hand on the head of his penis while he has an orgasm (this is very pleasurable) and let his semen bubble over your fingers like a volcano, or you can keep your hands on the shaft of your partner’s penis and watch how high his eruptions will go!

If you are uncomfortable with having your partner’s semen on your hands, you can use gloves or you can hold a towel, washcloth or tissue over his urethra just as he is about to ejaculate to catch the semen. Any way you and your partner choose to handle the orgasm is fine – as long as you both are comfortable and enjoy it.

Men Love To Watch

Most men are highly turned on by you being excited (or at least fascinated) by hisejaculation. We like for you to see our eruptions as amazing or thrilling and not “gross”. We want to see wonder in your eyes as we shoot as high or far as far as we can (men are competitors by nature). Here is how one of my readers expressed it: “I want you to watch me and my manhood as I proudly throb and shoot jets of splooge for all to see! Don’t turn away, or block the squirts… sharing the full ejaculation experience with you is HOT!”

Another turn on for men is to ejaculate onto you. On your breasts, your stomach or even youth mouth if you are so willing. Again, we are very visual and marrying the erotic act of ejaculation with a visual image of your nakedness is something that fuels our sexual fires.

Letting Him Take The Reins

Depending where he wants to shoot his load, you may need to do a hand off to him in the final moments. He just might want you on your hands and knees so he can shoot all over your back and rump. Just find a way to communicate this before it is too late. But, if he comes before the plan is fulfilled, you can look forward to trying it next time.

Handing off to him to masturbate has other advantages to you and him. He can finish off really strong (he’s had a lot of practice), aim it where he wants it and you can enjoy seeing him fully enjoying himself.

There might be times where you are unable to bring him to climax with your hands. Even seasoned masturbators have times when they are unable to bring themselves to orgasm. So don’t sweat it. As you give him more and more handjobs you’ll learn the subtle nuances that tend to take him over the edge.

I’ll tell you what will almost certainly take him to his peak if you can’t seem to get him to erupt. Sit facing him, spread your legs wide, part your labia and finger yourself to orgasm. Mutual masturbation is near the top of most men’s fantasy lists. It is an explosive way to finish off a handjob session.

For clean up, you might want to have some baby wipes on hand or a very special touch is to bring in a warm, wet washcloth and wipe him clean. Or perhaps he or both of you were planning on showering afterwards.


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