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Tease of a Teacher part ten - Final part

*It’s been a month since that night, and a lot has changed! My ‘room mate’ Jess have been expelled for buying and using drugs, I decided against informing the police or school board about what she was going to do, no need to shine any light onto me or why she was trying to do that in the first place. It was weird having a room to myself, something I wasn’t use to, but luckily for me it didn’t stay that way for long..*

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Tease of a Teacher part nine

Sara is sitting on her knees in a dark room dressed in a maids outfit with cat ears, a collar and a cats tail coming from her ass, a door in front of her opens letting light into the room, the walls are covered in all types of sex toys, vibrators, whips, belts, beads, dildos, rope, chains, collars.

"Looks like the slut is ready."

A mans voice echoes as a tall man walks into the room, his body covered in a layer of darkness.

"W-Who are you.."

Sara whimpers as she try’s to move back but can’t, she looks down quickly and finds herself cuffed to hooks on the floor.

"You’re going to be a great addition to our little world."

The man says, his voice echoing again as he steps forwards towards Sara.

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Tease of a Teacher part eight

Sara squirms as she sits on her seat, her English teacher standing at the front of the class talking. Sara closes her eyes as she bites her tongue, trying to keep her moans to herself, the bell rings making Sara jump slightly, moving the toy sending a shock through her body as a moan leaves her lips, Sara’s face goes bright red as she looks around, luckily no one had noticed due to everyone getting up and leaving. Sara takes a deep breath then stands up and makes her way out of the classroom, she starts to head down the hall as her heart starts to race, knowing next class is PE with Daniel, Sara continues down the hall as she feels her juice running down her legs making her nervous, she looks around making sure no one is looking, she sighs as everyone is busy with their own life’s to notice anything,

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Tease of a Teacher part seven

Its 6am and the alarm starts to ring on Sara’s alarm clock making her stir from her short sleep, she yawns as she reaches out and smacks her desk over and over until she hits the clock.

“Stupid alarm.”

Sara mumbles as she wipes the sleep from her eyes. The sound of running water can be heard coming from the bathroom telling her Jessica is having a shower, Sara’s mind flashes back to the night before.

*I never knew she was like that, or that her and Daniel…*

Sara thinks to herself, unable to think of anything but Jessica tied up with Daniel standing over her, smiling his beautiful smile as Jessica begs for more.

*No! Stop it Sara!*

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Tease of a Teacher part six

“And done.”

Daniel says softly as he lets Sara’s shirt fall over her hips and steps back looking at the fully dressed Sara.

“Thank you…Sir..”

Sara says softly as she looks down as guilt and worry wash through her after screaming the safe word minutes ago, Daniel shakes his head as he steps forward and gently wraps his arms around her and hugs Sara to his chest.

“You can call me Daniel while we aren’t doing your lessons.”

Daniel states softly, Sara nods slowly as her face turns bright red as she feels his heart beating fast against her chest. Daniel pulls away quickly leaving Sara standing there, red faced as a fast knocking comes from the door.

“Come in!”

Daniel calls out sounding a little annoyed. The door swings open as J runs in panting.

“Sir! I got your message! Code O?”

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Tease of a teacher. Part five.

Sara’s eyes go wide as she looks over the table, on the table are numerous sex toys laying on the table, Daniel chuckle as he watches Sara’s eyes.

“Want me to run through the different things?”

Daniel asks as he turns his gaze to the table.

“P-Please master..”

Sara whimpers as her eyes continue to move along the table.

“Okay pet.”

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Control 12 Final part.

I woke the next morning with the weight of Sir’s arms wrapped around me. I so loved to wake up to Sir wrapped around me.

As he slept, my mind wondered about Sir and his life. How did he get so involved in this wild life? Now that he is ‘free’ will anything change?

Sir stirred, wrapped his arms tighter around my body, moved his lips to my neck and kissed me. I arched my neck back to allow him more room to caress. When he reached my chin, he swiftly transported my body on top of his. He opened his sky blue eyes and said, “Good morning pet, are you ready for your reward?”

I nodded quietly.

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Tease of a teacher. Part four

Sara slowly walks down the hallway as her legs continue to slightly shake, and her breathing short, she looks down at her hand that has the folded piece of paper in it, she leans against some lockers to catch her breath, she looks left then right then back at her hand as she opens it and stares at the paper.

“….No one will know…”

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Tease of a teacher. Part three

Sara shuts the door to Daniel’s office and lends against it as she pants, Daniel’s hot cum slowly drips from her pussy to her leg.

“W-What am I doing!?”

Sara whispers to herself as the last fifteen minutes play through her head again making her stomach tighten as she remembers his big throbbing dick in front of her and the grunts he made as he shot his cum onto her pussy.

“Sara are you okay?”

A males voice says bringing her back to earth, she realises she is standing next to the door biting her lip hard as her legs shake, she looks up and sees Mister Rob, her math teacher.

“Oh! Yes!”

Sara says quickly as she lets her lip go.

“Are you sure? Your shaking.”

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Tease of a teacher. Part two

It’s just after 9pm when the bus comes to a stop as the lights turn on along the top of the bus waking most of the students up.

“Okay, everyone wake up, were back to school!”

Daniel calls out as he stands up at the front of the bus waking the last of the students up, all they start to mumble and talk as Daniel looks over all of them, he stops and smiles when his eyes meet Sara’s, she blushes then looks down quickly breaking eye contact making Daniel smirk as he continues to look around as the students start to stand.

“Okay listen up, everyone who is going home, your parents are just across the road. Go home, shower, get something to eat and have a good night, I will see you sometime throughout the week. Everyone else go to your dorms and do the same.”

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Tease of a Teacher

Daniel is standing next to the door of the school bus with his notepad and pen marking off each students name as they climb onto the bus. Daniel is 21 years old and the schools gym teacher and football coach, he is about 5’ 7”, 80kg ( roughly 176 lbs ) has tan skin, blonde short hair, blue eyes, athletic body and has a smile that could make any woman weak in her knees.

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Control Part 11

I was not excited to see Sir, still angry about how he treated me last night. His world was different, I knew that, but I did not think he would use and discard me so easily. I thought I meant more to him and now I realize that might just be a my own fantasy.

When Sir arrived I was ready and waiting in the lobby as directed. He seemed at ease with a slight smile as he walked to me. He offered his hand but I just walked pass him to the car. At the car he held the door closed and kissed my neck, “You are ready pet, just focus and stay in control.”

He helped me into the car, I thought, he thinks I’m nervous. How does he not understand that I’m angry? As we drove, Sir pulled up my skirt and rubbed the lace at the top of my thigh highs. ” You are quiet Pet, are you nervous?”

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Control Part 10

Sir walked around the car to open my door but he took me be surprise as he dropped to his knees. His strong hands took off my shoes and glided up my leg. He unclipped my thigh highs from my garter and rolled my silk stocking off my legs kisses my thighs as he did.

When he was done he looked up at me, smiled and said, “That will make you more comfortable, Pet. I want you to know how proud I am of you tonight. You were stronger than I have ever seen you. However now, I hope, you can lose control with me.”

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Just call me Sir: Tendencies Part 5, last part


She was beyond ready for whatever he was about to do to her. She was frustrated from being so close but being denied twice in the same day. She hoped that he would let her come finally, and she could feel her sweet release.

He cut her out of the zip-tie and led her into his bedroom. He then…

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Tendencies Part 4


They walked back to his apartment and as they approached the door he said

“Once we are behind these doors, you will listen to me. You are mine now and I protect what is mine. I will do things that you may not like but it’s all to make you better for me. Do you understand Little One?”

She nodded her head yes. This was all going so fast but she knew this was what she needed; to belong completely to someone else, to lose control for a little while and just focus on the here and now. She followed behind him into a quaint living room. As she looked around, she noticed he had disappeared. He heart started racing and she was suddenly very unsure of herself. Should she sit down? Should she wait for him to come back or should she go look for him? But as her thoughts continued to swirl around in her mind, she heard him call her from a room around the corner.

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