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First time submission

As we lay in my bed watching a movie like we’ve done a thousand times, i cant take my mind off of what we had talked about the night before. The feel of your cock against my ass and your hand placed tightly on my stomach. The noise in the background blurs as all im thinking about is taking you in my mouth and your cock ramming into my pussy the way you said you’d like to.

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Spank away


"There are twelve implements laying on the couch. You are to look them over and decide in which order you wish to receive them. Place them in order, one to twelve, starting at the left. You will be receiving a minimum of twelve whacks with each item. You will be required to count the whacks out loud. If you mess up the count or miss the count for any implement, the count for that item will be restarted. At the end of the turn for each implement, you will say “Thank you Sir." In between each implement I will fuck you. After a hard implement, I will fuck you hard. After a softer one, I will be more gentle and loving. You may orgasm whenever the urge strikes you. My orgasm will occur during the fucking after you have been spanked with the last implement. You are to make sure the last implement on the right is a hard one. Do you understand these instructions?" 

"Yes Sir." 

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Worth the Wait

I keep thinking about how things might happen when I visit. Maybe I’ll come round for a movie and a few beers. We’ll spoon while we watch the movie, your arm over my waist and resting near my chest. My ass snugly in your crotch, anticipating your dick getting harder at any moment, we both know what’s going to happen.

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A little imagination goes a long way by angelsembrace

It’s around one in the morning. I’m lying in bed starring into the darkness. I breathe in the emptiness and sigh out the longing it leaves in its wake. The ceiling, the floor, the edges of the bed all blend together getting lost in my desires for your skin on mine. I can’t help but think of you as the only sounds are the ticking of the clock and my own breathing. The ticking of the hands is familiar but they aren’t hands on a clock are they… they’re hands running down my chest…hands caressing my breasts, holding them…pinching gently on at the nipples.

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who knew laundry could be so sexy

I would be doing laundry and you would walk up behind me as i close the washing machine and you would wrap your arms around my middle pulling me close and you would bend your head down and kiss my neck since it was already exposed because id have my hair up in a bun and you would lick from my ear down to my collar bone and kiss back up to just under my jaw and you would lightly bite me there causing me to moan and lean back against you moving my head in a way that i catch your lips with mine and we would share a deep passionate kiss where i would slip my tongue on your lips until you open your mouth to let my tongue in and yours would come out and rub against mine and go into my mouth and you would press your lips harder against mine catching my breath until we break the kiss and i would turn around in your arms and your hands would move down me until your cupping my ass in both hands and you would pull me hard against your chest while you bring your mouth down hard on mine again and i would bring my hands up and tangle my fingers in your hair as you bring your hands back up pulling my shirt up so you can run your hands on my bare back and stomach before breaking the kiss again to pull my shirt completely off and you would just look down and get an eye full of my breast in my bra before reaching behind me and unhooking my bra and let it fall to the floor so you can see my bare breast and you would get on your knees and kiss each of my nipples before kissing down my stomach to my jeans and you would undo them and pull them down and i would step out of them and you would kiss my mound over my panties kissing up the edge of them all the way to my hip before hooking your thumbs into the side and pulling them down my legs and then i would pull off your shirt before you got back up on your feet and then i would get on my knees and undo and pull down your jeans and your boxers so you can step out of them and i could grasp your cock slowly pumping my fist around you staring at how aroused i make you before i lean closer to it and run my tongue lightly over the head of your cock and then liking from the base all the way up to the tip before i take you in my mouth running your cock over my tongue while i suck on you and id take you in to the hilt and keep sucking until you finally come in my mouth letting me taste you and i would swallow before getting back up and you would grab my ass and lift me up onto the washing machine before kissing me hard again and grinding your cock onto my wet pussy and then once you broke the kiss you would bend down and put one of my legs on your shoulder while you push on the other to open me up wide before you blow cold air on my clit and then run your tongue all over my pussy licking deep and spearing your tongue in and out of my tight whole before going up and focusing on my clit circling it first and then flicking it and biting it and you would suck on my clit running your tongue on it at the same time driving me wild and making me moan and i would have a hand in your hair keeping your head there as i grind my hips too and then you would have me coming and coming hard and you would keep licking at me until my orgasm was done and then you would come back up and i wipe my juices off your faces with a finger and id hold it out to you so you suck my finger clean before kissing me again and putting your cock in me slowly letting me get used to your thickness before moving a  little faster but still at a fairly slow pace and you would also be going balls deep with every thrust filling me completely and i would wrap my legs around your waist and my arms around your neck as you fuck me to the final orgasm and once you felt my pussy walls  tightening around you, you would fuck me fast and hard before thrusting in me one last time and going still as you come deep in me and once we catch our breath you would frame my face with your hands and kiss me softly and we would whisper to each other how much we love one another  


I’m sitting at home with absolutely nothing to do. My parents are out and I’m alone.I lay on my bed and my mind starts to wander. Eventually you come into my thoughts and I can’t get you out. The very thought of you makes me wet. There is something so hot and dangerous about you. So sexy. Your eyes, your smile, your hands, and body, just everything. Just the way you talk to me and the facial expressions you make have driven me crazy for the last 2 years. You know it too, you can see the lust in my eyes. I’ve always wanted you. You are always the focus of my fantasy’s and the dreams that I have about sex. Even in my dreams, something gets in the way of us being together. If I wasn’t such a chicken shit it would’ve happened a long time ago.

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“I was just imagining you in my room…

looking out the window with the pale moonlight shining in… Wearing a lil pair of panties… And a lose t-shirt, hanging low with one shoulder exposed… Wanting to come up from behind you … Placing my hands on your stomach and softly kissing your neck and ear… Gently caressing your stomach with my fingers… Leaning your head back to kiss me while you reached back to stroke my cock through my shorts…

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your pussycat

I’m at that Halloween party that Marley, my bff, talked about. It’s kinda boring. Almost all the girls are bunnies ou cheerleader. So far I think I’m the only sexy kitten around.

It was an old costume, but it still fit. I was still skinny and it still made me look sexy. Specially because I had a tail and furry cat ears. I loved them.

Marley was upstairs, probably making out with Josh, her more-than-friend-but-not-boyfriend date.

Some random drunk guy began to “seduce” me.

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Story Submission

You walk into the house, dropping your keys on the table, a sigh issuing forth from your mouth. You hear the shower running and yell out “Babe, that you?” I answer back with “Well, yeah.” You hear a slight strain in my voice and perk an eyebrow up. Smirking to yourself you glide across the floor, kicking off your shoes as you go. Dressed in a small shirt and tiny little shorts that make your ass look just the way I like it. You push open the bathroom door quietly and peek in. Since the sliding door to the shower is clear glass and there isn’t that much fog you can see that I’m stroking my cock, back and forth, head thrown back, obviously feeling very good. Standing there you quietly slip those daisy dukes off and get rid of the shirt and bra.

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Pendulum Part 2


Eric lowered his head and his blond hair fell into his eyes. He raised his eyes to meet Charlotte’s, “There is a party Friday night, uh, if you want to go with me?” He said quickly.

Charlotte heart beat seemed louder as if played forte. “Friday? Umm, sure,” she answered pianissimo, very softly as if it was a prelude to her own duet.

She just got asked out on her first date! She wondered after moving a world away, how she ended up going on a date with a guy from her own hometown. Although she knew that it would make everything easier. Her family would be happy and he already knew her, at least her background.

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My brother’s friend, Zack.

There was a ring at the door and I could see through the window that it was Zack, curious as to why he would be visiting, since him and my brother were meant to be playing football today, I opened the door.

“Hey, you know that George is at football now, right?”

“Yeah, I’m actually here for you.”

I noticed him hiding a basket behind his legs. “Umm, alright… What do you need?”

He pushed the basket forward and I saw that it was filled with flour, milk and a few eggs. “I need help baking.”


“Well, it’s my mom’s birthday, you know that, you guys were invited, and I wanted you to help me bake her a cake.”

“Yeah sure, no problem.” I took the basked from him and opened the door for him. “Come in.”

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Honey how do I look?

I walk into the kitchen to find him cooking breakfast.

“Hey baby, do you mind if I barrow a shirt and tie for the photo shoot today?”

” no of course not. Do you want tea of orange juice?”

“Tea please!” I shout back as I search through his closet. My hands find a white button up and a black and blue striped tie. I let my clothes fall to the ground before slipping my arms into the shirt. I roll the sleeves up to my elbows and fix my tie. I fix my long books hair in the mirror and smile with satisfaction. The shirt barely covers my bum, and leaves my sex exposed. I walk into the kitchen, “honey, do you think this looks okay?” He turns casually turns around stirring my tea

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I Met Her At The Bar

It was 10 at night and I was at the bar by myself slamming a few drinks down. The drinks kept coming and I kept drinking. I forgot why I was drinking. Maybe it had to do with my stupid office job or the fact I broke it off with my cheating-whore of a fiance. What ever my reason was, I forgot that night. I am a 24 year-old man, tall, lean, pretty attractive I say, and I was drunk and I was looking to get some steam off. 

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By Anon

Your at home alone watching television on the couch when i quietly walk up behind you and gently pull your hair to one side and softly kiss your neck. I walk around to join you on the couch and look deep into your eyes am lean in to kiss you. One kiss turns into two and the I kiss you next and gently nibble on your ear. We make out as out hands roam each others body mine exploring the curve of your hips and how round your ass is. Our lips part for just a moment to pull each others shirt over our heads. I begin you kiss you neck then your chest then breasts. I pause to pay special attention to them. Observing how amazing they are. Great size round perky then my tongue finds its way to your nipple.

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I leave the gym after gathering my clothes from the floor. I’m still trembling when I walk over to the door, not because of what he did to me, no because of what he said! I never had this before, the thought alone. “Call me Sir”, a shiver crawls upwards through my spine. I play with the words he said in my head. What is that guy doing to me?

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